Each annual edition of Florida Family Law Collected Cases contains the full text of several hundred decisions involving family law issues which were decided by the Florida Supreme Court and the District Courts of Appeal and published in Florida Law Weekly.

The hard-bound volume contains all cases published involving:

  • dissolution of marriage
  • child custody
  • adoption
  • child support
  • dependent children
  • paternity
and others related to the practice of family law.

A comprehensive index and table of cases is included with citations to both Florida Law Weekly and the official reporter.

Subscribers to this series frequently say they appreciate the convenience of having all cases of similar subject matter in one volume.

Order Florida Family Law Collected Cases on approval and pay only if you determine it to be useful in your practice. If you decide not to keep the book, you may return it for a full refund.

Sample Index Page

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The hard-bound edition of Family Law Collected Cases will be shipped to subscribers each February. For those preparing for the certification exam, a soft-bound workbook edition will be available in January. The workbook is free with your prepaid order of the hardbound edition. To order the workbook, call 800-351-0917.