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FLW Online
For complete, 24/7 access to all cases published in Florida Law Weekly.

Your personal password to FLW Online is as little as $10.50/month if your office maintains a subscription to Florida Law Weekly.

Here's what you get all day, every day:

  • All cases filed by Florida's appellate courts (the District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court). Available on the day of filing.
  • Our brief but comprehensive headnotes that help you quickly decide if the case is relevant.
  • Our fast search tool that lets you find the newest cases or any published case back to 1995.
  • Extensive subject-matter indexes allowing you to quickly find subjects and cases of interest to you, complete with links to the decisions.

FLW in Print
Add to your shelved library our timely reporting of court decisions.

The Florida Law Weekly in print reports the full text of cases from the Supreme Court of Florida and Florida's five district courts of appeal within days of filing--months ahead of the official reporter's advance sheet.

Our print publication includes the same complete reporting from the courts:

  • Florida Supreme Court decisions, most published the day after filing
  • District Courts of Appeal opinions, published within 7-10 days of filing
  • Summaries of all Attorney General's Opinions
  • Each weekly issue fully indexed; cumulative indexes provided quarterly
And we also include:
  • Binders for temporary and permanent storage
  • A discount rate for multiple subscriptions at the same address